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about me


     Based near Aspen, Colorado, I come from a little patch of trees and mountains in Pennsylvania where I found an early love for art, storytelling, and wild places.

     This love led me to the western slope of Colorado where I discovered and later realized my passion for photography while attending the Isaacson School for Communication, Arts, and Media at Colorado Mountain College, where I received a degree in Professional Photography.

     The environment inspires me, as do the people who make it their home. Through my work, I hope to share the moments, beauty, and the rich stories that come from our connection to each other, and the natural world. My work is atmospheric and cinematic, and I strive to capture and convey the energy and vitality that diverse experiences within the ever changing landscape so generously give us.

     While I can often be found running around western hills and forests, I’m equally at home on the road, living rough and ragged, seeking out the joy that comes from experience, and almost always with a camera in hand. 

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